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Being simple and quick, Baccarat game is popular among clients of Internet casinos. By the way, one can test it playing for money online, just betting at a casino. Having appeared in France, Baccarat gained the fans with its rather simple rules, high profit and special atmosphere. Moreover, now Baccarat has various variants, which can be found at the official site One can visit the site and test a game at any time of day and night, if he is adult over 18. Having possibility of different levels bets, Baccarat is ideal for those, who prefer both simple and profitable games. Welcome to the platform and play the game of aristocrats and noblemen. Play Baccarat for free online or for money.

Rules of popular card game

The online game is played with 6 card decks. Each deck has 52 cards. The game starts with shuffling cards and transferring them into “sabot”, a special box near the dealer. The number of players ranges from one to seven.  It depends on the version of the game. By the way, one can play a demo-version or for money. If you prefer to play online slots for money with withdrawal, you should use the mode of playing for pounds. It is possible to win a high prize. Nevertheless, we advise you to begin playing with the demo-version, by reason of several features of Baccarat rules which demand player’s skills and attention.

Features of Baccarat at a virtual casino

In spite of Baccarat being a traditional card game, it has special features at a virtual Baccarat casino online. Therefore, before playing Baccarat, newbies are ensured to learn the rules for not to lose their chance to win. For example, first one can play online for virtual chips and only later for real money. Consequently, playing demo-version there is no risk of losing money. Moreover, the player finds out the rules and intricacies of the game, acquires skills and tests his luck without stress. Furthermore, the important factor of online game is absence of human factor.

We invite lovers of card games to pay attention to Baccarat game. It proved to be highly gambling and even more amusing than Poker. Baccarat has its own rules and philosophy, it won the hearts of thousands visitors of virtual casinos. Welcome and have fun.

Payment methods

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  • Mastercard
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